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Let’s get to know the origami projects for kids. Origami doesn’t have to be difficult. Especially if it is intended to be taught to underage children who are still small. They still have the ability to coordinate the muscles of the rudimentary fingers. However, the ability to coordinate the muscles of the fingers and hands must be trained on them will become better. In addition, folding origami paper to underage kindergartens will create the power of imagination as they develop the reason that they are faced with slightly abnormal forms (not exactly their manifestations). One of the origami references that is suitable for children aged 4 to 6 years is a simple origami house.

The materials which should be prepared

Ask your students or children to prepare:

  • An origami paper
  • Pen/marker

The steps

Then, ensure that they follow the steps below!

  • Provide any size origami paper, which is important not to be too small so they can handle it easily. Any color can be
  • Fold two pieces of paper according to the sides
  • Reopen the fold. We will use the fold line as an auxiliary line for the second fold.
  • At the second fold of the origami this house, we will begin to form the chapter of the roof of the house. Fold the right corner and left the corner of the chapter on the paper to the line that was formed in the first step.
  • we will fold the paper on the roof-forming chapter back to the top, but with a smaller size.
  • Next, let the impression of a slimmer and taller house (in harmony with the shape of the house telling the smoker), then fold the right and left sides of the paper slightly. Then … turn the paper over.
  • .raaaa !!! The house with the chimney is ready.
  • picture of the door leaf and shutters on the origami house.
  • Now, you can teach your students or children with it and the other origami projects for kids.

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