Sun. Jul 21st, 2024
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Today, this article will provide you the sewing plushies tutorials. At this time, we will discuss how to make magic pocketed cat dolls from Japan, that is a doll of Doraemon! See the explanations below!

The Tools and materials

Before stepping into how to make Doraemon dolls, you need to know that the basic ingredients we use in this tutorial are using flannelette.

  • Blue flannel cloth
  • Needle and thread
  • Cotton or if you have more capital you can use dacron
  • Scissor
  • UHU glue or if you want to make it more interesting to use Glue Gun
  • Paperboard

The Steps

If flannel cloth and friends are ready, let’s head straight to the scene!

Making Doraemon Doll Patterns

Create a Doraemon pattern on the paper as shown below.

Then copy the pattern to the flannelette. Make the body pattern of the back of the front, hands, and feet of Doraemon make two pieces each.

Sew the Doll Parts

Use needles to sew the body parts, hands, and feet of the Doraemon doll. Try to use sewing thread with the same color as the flannel cloth so that the results will be better.

Charging Dakron/Cotton on Dolls

Don’t forget to fill the dacron or cotton in the part of the doll that hasn’t been sewn.

Create Part Five Senses of Doraemon Dolls

Combine all parts of the doll by sewing Doraemon’s feet, hands, and body. After all merging, for eyes, mouth, nose, mustache, and Doraemon doll pouches. Paste the parts using glue.

Final Touch How to Make Doraemon Dolls

Finally, the Doraemon doll is already here! So, what do you think of these sewing plushies tutorials?


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