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Pattern Sewing Free Free Sewing Pattern Tutorial Free People Inspired Summer Dress

Let’s learn about the pattern sewing free especially the pattern of clothes. Clothing patterns are important in making clothes. The pattern is a copy of the shape of a person’s body model, whether female, male, child or adult. Fashion patterns are generally made on paper or on blaco fabrics.

The basic pattern

The basic pattern for the type of clothing such as a blouse, skirt, dress, or shirt is actually already able to make clothes, but do not have a model (style). For example, the basic pattern for a skirt can only be zippered on the back, but it has no model, pleats or wrinkles. When making a pattern, the size of the base pattern is adjusted to the size of the wearer’s body or it can also use a standard size (S, M, L, XL) in men, women, or children.

The techniques of basic pattern

There are two main techniques for making archetypes, namely:

Flat construction is drawing patterns on paper using accurate measurements. Pattern drawers must be able to imagine the end result if the pattern has been moved onto the fabric, and finished being sewn as clothing.

Drawing patterns with flat construction techniques known methods that are named based on the name of the creator.

Solid construction, the pattern is made by attaching a muslin or calico / blaco cloth to a sewing doll or directly above the wearer’s body. The fabric is pinned with a pin needle while arranged to fit the shape of the sewing doll body. Fabrics in the sleeve section, neckline, and the waist are cut according to the desired clothing design. The finished pattern pieces can be sewn to be used as prototypes of clothing. After the clothes are sewn, the sewing doll is again used to fit the clothes and see the fall of the material and the suitability of the style.

Try to practice the basic pattern sewing free of clothes!

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