27 Creative Photo of Paper Origami Step By Step

Paper Origami Step By Step Step Step Instructions How To Make Origami A Wild Duck Stock

Do you want to learn about the paper origami step by step? Well, that’s just great since origami is actually such an easy artwork but with stunning results. Forget the ideas of paper plane or ship since they are quite easy. Now, you can try to make the origami of some kinds of animal. What are they?

Bird Origami

Many people just love to make it for the belief that your dreams will come true. So, there are many steps but they are not difficult. Prepare a square paper and then fold them vertically, horizontally, and diagonally with the same size. Open the fold. Make a tulip from the folds by putting them together in the middle and flatten it. Fold two sides of the paper down and from the other two, you can form the head and tail of the bird.


The next origami you should try is the bat. Similar to the bird, prepare a sheet of the square paper and then fold it diagonally. Fold a little the upper part of the paper and then fold also the sides diagonally. Fold the upper part again in the middle t form the head. For the sides, open them also a little to form the wings.

24 Beautiful Image of Crochet Sphere Pattern Free

Crochet Sphere Pattern Free The Ideal Crochet Sphere Ms Premise Conclusion

Let’s make crochet sphere pattern free. Maybe the word ‘sphere’ still sounds familiar to many people. But if it is described as round, hairy in various colors and sizes, maybe many people know it.

It turns out that making sphere is not as difficult as you thought. There are several kinds of ways to make sphere with various kinds of tools. Now let’s learn how to make the sphere for a hat.

Making a sphere from Two Circles

The equipment needed is 2 circles made of cardboard. The size of the circle diameter is as big as the sphere it as much and as thick as possible. After that, cut out the thread in the outer circle. Then pull the cardboard circle and insert the thread between the two cardboard circles. Tie the thread as strong as possible. The last step is to take the cardboard and make the sphere.

Making sphere from a fork

The next way is to make sphere using equipment that is definitely owned by everyone, fork. Only by wrapping a thread in a fork then tying it with a thread tucked in the middle of a fork stitch, we can make a sphere. Easy isn’t it … if you want a large size sphere, look for a large size fork too …

That’s how to make crochet sphere pattern free with a shape of pom pom in various kinds of equipment.

30 Awesome Image of Aran Knitting Patterns Free

Aran Knitting Patterns Free Top 5 Free Knitting Patterns For Christmas In July Chicks With

As a new learner of knitting, you need to learn more to knit well. Then, you also need a simple but elegant pattern. If you want to make Aran knitting patterns free, the following pattern ideas are good for you.

A Cardigan of Spring Green

The diamond lace motif is perfect for any event. Formal or informal, it doesn’t matter. This pattern can be an option if you want to knit a stylish but still conventional cardigan model.

Anne’s Spencer

This knitted cardigan is very simple but elegant. The original design was intended for men, taken from the name of the Earl of Spencer who really liked the formal jacket model. Modifications to the collar and body pieces on this pattern make this knit jacket feminine and beautiful.

Crochet Jacket

The beautiful sensation of scallops and vertical strips makes this jacket really special.

A Cardigan of Any Day

As the name suggests any day cardigan: this design of crochet cardigan is suitable for anything. If you want to make a hangout, go to an office, go to official events or even parties, it is okay to use. It is made with a stretchy motif, making this cardigan suitable for use in the summer. Combined with a blouse or dress, it must be harmonious.

A Jacket  of Scarf-Tied

This model of Aran knitting is very unique and cool. These knits are not ordinary knits. This is because this knitted jacket has an unusual scarf, which is beautiful and charming

Alder Buckthorn

This Aran pattern is very vintage. Certainly, it is really good if it is made for prizes for parents or middle-aged relatives.

These various Aran knitting patterns free can be an inspiration to increase your knitting level while becoming a milestone in the world of handmade, especially knitting and crochet.

30 Pretty Picture of Sewing Tshirt Pattern

Sewing Tshirt Pattern How To Make A V Neck T Shirt Sewing Pattern And Tutorial Its

Sewing tshirt pattern actually can be made manually. It means that you should make it with your hands. However, you can make it with a computer. It eases you to create a tshirt pattern. In the industrial field, the use of a computer has been used widely.

Using Softwae for Making Tshirt Pattern

The software can be used to design a tshirt pattern. There are several types of software in the garment industry to make a plaid tshirt pattern or the others. Some kinds of software are available for computer use such as Optitex, Lectra, Gerber, and Patten Aided Design.

With using a computer, a making process of a particular tshirt pattern is different from the common ways. It has no paper, sewing chalk, needle, a meter of the clothes and carbon. The measurement is conducted by the computer. A digital system is changing four dimensional objects to be two dimension.

Though it looks simple, a making process of a tshirt pattern with a computer is not easy to do. Before using a graphic computer program, it requires basic skills. You have to know the basic skills conventionally. Then, you must master the technology. The changes are needed to get an adaptation ability and a great imagination of sewing tshirt pattern.

30 Beautiful Picture of Sewing Plushies Tutorials

Sewing Plushies Tutorials Lilo Stitch Stitch Head Plushie Tutorial Youtube

Today, this article will provide you the sewing plushies tutorials. At this time, we will discuss how to make magic pocketed cat dolls from Japan, that is a doll of Doraemon! See the explanations below!

The Tools and materials

Before stepping into how to make Doraemon dolls, you need to know that the basic ingredients we use in this tutorial are using flannelette.

  • Blue flannel cloth
  • Needle and thread
  • Cotton or if you have more capital you can use dacron
  • Scissor
  • UHU glue or if you want to make it more interesting to use Glue Gun
  • Paperboard

The Steps

If flannel cloth and friends are ready, let’s head straight to the scene!

Making Doraemon Doll Patterns

Create a Doraemon pattern on the paper as shown below.

Then copy the pattern to the flannelette. Make the body pattern of the back of the front, hands, and feet of Doraemon make two pieces each.

Sew the Doll Parts

Use needles to sew the body parts, hands, and feet of the Doraemon doll. Try to use sewing thread with the same color as the flannel cloth so that the results will be better.

Charging Dakron/Cotton on Dolls

Don’t forget to fill the dacron or cotton in the part of the doll that hasn’t been sewn.

Create Part Five Senses of Doraemon Dolls

Combine all parts of the doll by sewing Doraemon’s feet, hands, and body. After all merging, for eyes, mouth, nose, mustache, and Doraemon doll pouches. Paste the parts using glue.

Final Touch How to Make Doraemon Dolls

Finally, the Doraemon doll is already here! So, what do you think of these sewing plushies tutorials?


27 Inspiration Photo of Origami Crafts For Kids

Origami Crafts For Kids 15 Kid Friendly Origami Crafts Bright Star Kids

As a teacher or parents, it is important for you to build your children or students’ creativity. One way to make it succeed is by teaching them in making origami crafts for kids such as animal origami. An animal Origami is also very popular with children. Its cute shape and portraying a life make this toy-shaped origami much in demand. Toys can also be made and also made as learning for students.

Origami which will be discussed this time is origami rabbit. This rabbit origami is very simple. Kindergarten children can easily make it. It is enough with the five simple origami rabbit steps, it was finished.

Complete these things!

You do not need many things to make this origami. You only need:

  • Origami paper. The paper used is square paper. Use paper with a variety of colors and sizes, so that origami rabbits can be played together.
  • Pen or marker

How to Create it?

Here’s how to make origami rabbits:

(a) Fold the paper up diagonally so that it forms a triangle.

(b) Fold the bottom up according to the image.

(c) Fold the lower left corner up, do it for the right side.

(d) Rotate 180 °.

(e) Take the top end a little, then fold it in.

Then, it has become a rabbit head origami. Don’t forget, draw the eyes, nose, and mouth at this origami rabbit using a marker. So, do you have any other ideas of origami crafts for kids?

30 Amazing Picture of Continental Knitting For Beginners

Continental Knitting For Beginners How To Knit Continental Combined Knitting Method Knitting Lessons

Making a knit with the continental knitting style is not that difficult than other methods. It often tough as the new concept for American knitters and others who learn the English technique or method first. No wonder that you need some tips for continental knitting for beginners.

Make the yarn stay in place

To start this continental knitting, then you have to cast in some stitches that you need and now its time to knit up. You have to hold the yarn in the place at the back by using your left hand along with the needle with cash on stitches. Then you can slide the empty of a right-hand needle to the first stitch come from the front to the back. Then you can bring your left index finger slightly to the front so that the yard was placed between two needles.

Making your knit stitch

Then, you are able to bright your right-hand needle down at the back from your working yarn and throughout the loop from the initial stitch to make a new stitch. This is pretty similar with the English knitting or other styles as well. There are many tips that help you to get continental knitting for beginners.

30 Brilliant Image of Begginer Knitting Projects Learning

Begginer Knitting Projects Learning Easy Knitting Patterns For Beginners Knitting Pinterest

Knitting has become the most favourite thing to do among all of the people in this world. From children to adults, they all have taken interest in the knitting project. Many people start to do knitting in their free time because knitting requires patience. Therefore, it is not surprising that some people actually do not want to do knitting. Some of the people think that they can buy knit things instead of making them. It is true that you can buy knit things, however, making them is more fun and can teach you how to be more patient.

With the help of the internet, you will find that there are so many tutorials on beginner knitting projects learning. The basic things which you will be learned are how to make the slip knot, how to form the knit and purl stitch, and how to end the knit by binding them off. There are also some pieces of equipment which you need to prepare like the 6 to 8 size needles, the yarn, and the crochet hook.

Do not rush to make difficult things. You have to start making the easiest knitting project such as a scarf or shawl. Making a scarf will accustom you in making the basic knitting technique.

27 Inspiration Picture of Origami Decoration Bedroom

Crochet Applique Patterns Free Animal Crochet Pattern Instant Pdf Download Zoo Animals Crochet Zoo

The origami decoration bedroom is other ways to decorate your wall with a fabulous DIY art project. If you are the person who loves this art paper project, make origami decoration art is perfect. There is some awesome origami paper art that perfect as your bedroom decoration.

  •    DIY origami string light. The string light is just additional decoration for your origami artwork. In this string light, you can add origami artwork such as boxes origami, butterfly origami, and others.
  •    Bird shape origami artwork. The bird shape is the most popular origami artwork. Get small twig and then paint or refinish with polish. Then hang the bird shape into the twig. You can make as the frame with wood frame, or just add into the wall.
  •    Bird origami with a crystal ball. In this artwork, you can make a wind catcher from the rope, and insert the crystal ball and hang colorful bird shape origami artwork.
  •    Origami paper flower. With the colorful paper flower, you can make a beautiful paper flower and patch it into your wall.
  •    Paper Dahlia origami wreath. This is a way to make a wreath from paper flower origami art. In the middle, you can add a little mirror so it will function double as a mirror and as decoration for your bedroom.

30 Elegant Photo of Knitting Patterns Easy Scarf

Knitting Patterns Easy Scarf 10 Easy Scarf Knitting Patterns For Beginners

What is the best knitting patterns easy scarf? When the winter is coming, it means that you need to prepare clothes and other items to warm yourself up. One of them is the scarf. Well, how is about making the scarf yourself. Interestingly, there are some knitting ideas appropriate for the scarf. What are they?

Basic Garter Stitch

There is no additional pattern or knitting methods for this basic way of making the scarf. But even if it looks simple and sure, basic, it is not monotonous at all. The pattern of the sheet must be tight and not too open. Besides, on the edge, there should be the tassel as the ornaments.

Belsley Cowl

The pattern refers to the clothing idea in the form of small squares. Similar to the basic garter stitch, it is possible not to add the other patterns as the ornaments. In general, it looks so simple for sure but also elegant.

Vintage Seed Stitch

Different from other ideas mentioned above in which the tight knitting becomes the key point, this one is different. The pattern tends to be loose and open. But you should not worry since it doesn’t lessen the warmth at all. Meanwhile, you can add more colors to beautify the final results.