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Origami Crafts For Kids 15 Kid Friendly Origami Crafts Bright Star Kids

As a teacher or parents, it is important for you to build your children or students’ creativity. One way to make it succeed is by teaching them in making origami crafts for kids such as animal origami. An animal Origami is also very popular with children. Its cute shape and portraying a life make this toy-shaped origami much in demand. Toys can also be made and also made as learning for students.

Origami which will be discussed this time is origami rabbit. This rabbit origami is very simple. Kindergarten children can easily make it. It is enough with the five simple origami rabbit steps, it was finished.

Complete these things!

You do not need many things to make this origami. You only need:

  • Origami paper. The paper used is square paper. Use paper with a variety of colors and sizes, so that origami rabbits can be played together.
  • Pen or marker

How to Create it?

Here’s how to make origami rabbits:

(a) Fold the paper up diagonally so that it forms a triangle.

(b) Fold the bottom up according to the image.

(c) Fold the lower left corner up, do it for the right side.

(d) Rotate 180 °.

(e) Take the top end a little, then fold it in.

Then, it has become a rabbit head origami. Don’t forget, draw the eyes, nose, and mouth at this origami rabbit using a marker. So, do you have any other ideas of origami crafts for kids?

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