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Sewing Tshirt Pattern How To Make A V Neck T Shirt Sewing Pattern And Tutorial Its

Sewing tshirt pattern actually can be made manually. It means that you should make it with your hands. However, you can make it with a computer. It eases you to create a tshirt pattern. In the industrial field, the use of a computer has been used widely.

Using Softwae for Making Tshirt Pattern

The software can be used to design a tshirt pattern. There are several types of software in the garment industry to make a plaid tshirt pattern or the others. Some kinds of software are available for computer use such as Optitex, Lectra, Gerber, and Patten Aided Design.

With using a computer, a making process of a particular tshirt pattern is different from the common ways. It has no paper, sewing chalk, needle, a meter of the clothes and carbon. The measurement is conducted by the computer. A digital system is changing four dimensional objects to be two dimension.

Though it looks simple, a making process of a tshirt pattern with a computer is not easy to do. Before using a graphic computer program, it requires basic skills. You have to know the basic skills conventionally. Then, you must master the technology. The changes are needed to get an adaptation ability and a great imagination of sewing tshirt pattern.

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