Sat. Jul 20th, 2024
Paper Origami Step By Step Step Step Instructions How To Make Origami A Wild Duck Stock

Do you want to learn about the paper origami step by step? Well, that’s just great since origami is actually such an easy artwork but with stunning results. Forget the ideas of paper plane or ship since they are quite easy. Now, you can try to make the origami of some kinds of animal. What are they?

Bird Origami

Many people just love to make it for the belief that your dreams will come true. So, there are many steps but they are not difficult. Prepare a square paper and then fold them vertically, horizontally, and diagonally with the same size. Open the fold. Make a tulip from the folds by putting them together in the middle and flatten it. Fold two sides of the paper down and from the other two, you can form the head and tail of the bird.


The next origami you should try is the bat. Similar to the bird, prepare a sheet of the square paper and then fold it diagonally. Fold a little the upper part of the paper and then fold also the sides diagonally. Fold the upper part again in the middle t form the head. For the sides, open them also a little to form the wings.

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