Sun. Jul 21st, 2024
Crochet Sphere Pattern Free The Ideal Crochet Sphere Ms Premise Conclusion

Let’s make crochet sphere pattern free. Maybe the word ‘sphere’ still sounds familiar to many people. But if it is described as round, hairy in various colors and sizes, maybe many people know it.

It turns out that making sphere is not as difficult as you thought. There are several kinds of ways to make sphere with various kinds of tools. Now let’s learn how to make the sphere for a hat.

Making a sphere from Two Circles

The equipment needed is 2 circles made of cardboard. The size of the circle diameter is as big as the sphere it as much and as thick as possible. After that, cut out the thread in the outer circle. Then pull the cardboard circle and insert the thread between the two cardboard circles. Tie the thread as strong as possible. The last step is to take the cardboard and make the sphere.

Making sphere from a fork

The next way is to make sphere using equipment that is definitely owned by everyone, fork. Only by wrapping a thread in a fork then tying it with a thread tucked in the middle of a fork stitch, we can make a sphere. Easy isn’t it … if you want a large size sphere, look for a large size fork too …

That’s how to make crochet sphere pattern free with a shape of pom pom in various kinds of equipment.

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