Sun. Jul 21st, 2024
Knitting Patterns Easy Scarf 10 Easy Scarf Knitting Patterns For Beginners

What is the best knitting patterns easy scarf? When the winter is coming, it means that you need to prepare clothes and other items to warm yourself up. One of them is the scarf. Well, how is about making the scarf yourself. Interestingly, there are some knitting ideas appropriate for the scarf. What are they?

Basic Garter Stitch

There is no additional pattern or knitting methods for this basic way of making the scarf. But even if it looks simple and sure, basic, it is not monotonous at all. The pattern of the sheet must be tight and not too open. Besides, on the edge, there should be the tassel as the ornaments.

Belsley Cowl

The pattern refers to the clothing idea in the form of small squares. Similar to the basic garter stitch, it is possible not to add the other patterns as the ornaments. In general, it looks so simple for sure but also elegant.

Vintage Seed Stitch

Different from other ideas mentioned above in which the tight knitting becomes the key point, this one is different. The pattern tends to be loose and open. But you should not worry since it doesn’t lessen the warmth at all. Meanwhile, you can add more colors to beautify the final results.

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