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The knitters might not have too many shawls. They are fitted with any season, and they are great to throw your bag for special occasions. But, if you are obsessed with the shawls, then you might feel so excited when you look at all of the beautiful mohair knitting patterns shawl.

The Kohi Shawl Pattern

You are able to try ombre shawl, even easier than it looks because of many references that you can get – of course, you should employ the long color changes as well. So, you know what it means, right? You need to get fewer ends to be weaved in.

Landing Shawl Pattern

You only need to get two hands of yarn to knit up this beautiful shawl. There are so many ways to change the color in this pattern or you just try to get solid color with the contrast border as well. Or you can try to create bigger lines by adding the row patterns of the color changes.

Square Shawl

If you can knit, then you are able to knit this pattern easily. Then you can use the brushed mohair for this beautiful shawl in beautiful drape. If you want to knit with the mohair for the very first time, then you have to check the tops and patterns for your mohair yarn. Check more mohair knitting patterns shawl.

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