Wed. May 22nd, 2024
Pikachu Origami Pokemon Origami Pikachu Tutorial Pokemon Diy Paper Kawaii Youtube

Hello, Pikachu and pokemon lovers. Today, we will provide you Pikachu origami pokemon ball rolls funny. Do you want to have it? Come on, we learn to make it!

Things Needed To Make

Before making the origami Pikachu or pokemon, prepare the following things

–       Yellow square paper

–       Red and black markers.

The Steps

Then, follow the following steps!

–       Fold the triangle shape equally.

–       Fold once more

–       Then book all the folds

–       Fold 2 into a rectangle

–       Fold once more to form a square

–       Open all folds again. Pictures of Pikachu’s face with markers are right around the diagonal meeting.

–       Fold 2 lengthwise

–       Fold into a triangle with lines on the mouth as a reference.

–       Fold the triangle also the back

–       Fold the triangle also the back

–       Pull the tip of the triangular leg toward the back of the triangle

–       Fold also the other end and the back

–       Take the lower end, then fold to the middle of the diagonal.

–       Make the same fold for the top end

–       Turn back. Fold the same too

–       On the side of the mouth, fold the two open ends to the center.

–       For the ears, pull the ends outward until the triangle borders up and down.

–       Squeeze both ears by folding them to the lengthwise lines.

–       Take a breath then … blow the hole at the bottom until Pikachu bulges.

Yeah, Pikachu is ready for action! Try this Pikachu origami pokemon!

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