Sun. Jul 21st, 2024
Origami Diy Cards Diy Origami Heart Card Youtube

When you add origami touch in your card, it won’t be just simple and common card. The origami DIY cards will be able to let the person know that he or she is precious to you. But, what you can do if you are just new to it. Take simple ideas for origami will be best to let you practice it fast.

  1. Snowflake Design

Snowflake is the perfect origami DIY cards you can make especially during winter where the holidays come near. You can do the project with all of your family member. The simple steps would be easy to follow for kids. So, make your personalized card while getting good quality time with them.

  1. Heart Shape

Most of us will think heart shape origami DIY cards is perfect to be sent to our spouse. But, have you ever think about sending it to your mother? Try it out and see how she reacts. I believed this will absolutely tighten your bonding. Convey your love not only to your spouse but also your mother with heart shape cards.

  1. Pinwheel Embellishment

Thinking about more general purposes? Why don’t origami a pinwheel to be the card’s embellishment. This would décor the card and make it cuter. The card would no longer as only a card. You can apply this idea on your kid’s birthday card or handmade gift to your coworker, elder relatives or even the kid’s teacher.

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