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Origami Owl Charms Origami Owl Jewelry Review The Life Of A Home Mom

A Making Process of Origami Owl Charms

Origami owl charms become a nice inspiration to make origami product. It looks so cute and nice to make. To create it, you can obey the following steps.

  1. Prepare a piece of origami paper.
  2. Then, fold origami paper forming to be a triangle. Then, open a fold. Fold it again forming to a triangle in another side. Open it again and then it is readily folded for further steps.
  3. Then, fold every tip to make a fold line.
  4. Next, fold a right side and left aside to the center one.
  5. Fold a small triangle part in the center one.
  6. It is almost ready. Then, draw eyes and wings on the origami paper. An enchanting origami owl has been ready. You can use it for playing with your kids.

Tips for Making an Origami Owl

Before you make an origami owl, you should prepare all the materials and tools before. It is necessary to avoid missing one. Then, you can select the desired paper color for making an origami owl. You have to obey the steps on making origami owl charms in order to make the best origami owl. You teach those ways to your students or kids.

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