Wed. May 22nd, 2024
Origami Ideas Decoration Wall Art Diy Paper Wall Art With Origami Pyramid Pixels Easy Tutorial And

Some of you may ever think of origami ideas decoration wall art. The creation of paper wall hangings is often the ideal decoration element. In addition to the many variations of style that can be displayed, the inspiration for wall decoration can also be made by yourself at a relatively cheap cost and basic materials that are easily available. Therefore, we are never tired of presenting inspirational wall decorations from a paper that is easily made by yourself.

Cheerful Origami Wall Style

This wall decoration from paper seems to bring us back to school when we are in a handicraft class with bright colors from the origami paper. Using origami paper folds, the wall decoration from this paper is connected by gluing and installing threads to connect the pieces of wall decoration from the paper. Suitable for the little one’s room or family room, wall origami deciration from this paper can be made in various sizes and color choices of choice.

Beautiful Fan for Home Walls

The principle of making the wall decoration of this paper is quite simple, which is folding as it is to make two fans from paper and then sticking them from the bottom end. Choose paper that is rather thick with variations in colors and motifs, the results will definitely be more interesting.

3D Origami Paper Wall Decoration

This 3D origami can be used as your wall decoration variation. Making it is quite difficult because it requires a lot of paper and planning the right shape so that the results are beautiful. However, because the capital is quite cheap, it’s okay if you experiment until you get a beautiful and perfect shape.

Now, you can try these origami ideas decoration wall art. Enjoy it!

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