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Origami Crafts Step By Step 40 Best Diy Origami Projects To Keep Your Entertained Today

Let’s teach our kids the origami crafts step by step. For children, origami is an activity which is very fun and amusing. Below are some examples of origami crafts.

A Craft of Rose Origami

Build your kid’s botanist by teaching him/her to make origami of rose.

The Steps to Make A Rose Origami

Prepare the origami paper (square size) and horizontally fold it (a half only).

Vertically, fold and also unfold it.

Next, its every corner should be folded. Fold it in the center.

Then, make a blitz. But, it should be double.

Do again the folding and make a blitz. But, it must be triple in this stage.

Next, you need to create creases. Make it by pressing all of the folds down.

Finally, you should curl all of the paper layers back.

A Craft of Boat Origami

Every child knows well about this origami. It is easy to make it. Below are the steps:

The Steps to Make A Boat Origami

Fold a paper with a rectangular size at the center.

Then, make other vertical folds. It is to keep the paper always folded.

After that, let the fold open. Then, use your bottom corners of for the folded paper to the center.

From the bottom, crease a layer to the up.

Do it again in another side.

Open the fold. Then, crease again the corner of the bottom.

Open the fold. Then, you should insert the flap which is overlapping.

Make a fold again after you let the bottom open.

From the bottom, crease a layer to the up. Do it to another side.

Pull the flap of the left and right side open to shape a boat.

Those are the origami crafts step by step.


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