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Origami Tutorial Animal Origami Animal Tutorial Google Search Arts And Crafts In 2018

For both kindergarten and elementary students, doing origami tutorial animal can be the most interesting and enjoyable activity to do at school. Origami animal has many cute shapes and almost resembles as a toy that makes it very popular among the children. Thus, this origami can be used as learning material and toys which is very educational for them. The tutorial below is on how to create origami penguin that the children can follow:
1. Prepare paper with the size 7.7 cm x 7.5 cm.

  1. Put the paper half the position of the rhombus shape by rotating the paper. Place the colored side facing up. Fold the left side to right side, then, reopen the fold. Fold the bottom side to the top, then open the fold.
  2. Next, Fold the bottom side up according to the broken line. And then, Fold down.
  3. After that, Turn the paper over. Then, fold the left and right sides according to the dashed line. Fold according to the dashed line. Fold the top into down. Turn the paper over. Stick a pair of eyes. You can use fish eyeballs. You can buy eyeballs at kiosks or stores that sell sewing supplies to complete the look of your origami tutorial animalfor the children.

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