Sun. Jul 21st, 2024
How To Make An Origami Box How To Make A Paper Box That Opens And Closes Youtube

This article will guide and inform you about how to make an origami box. Let’s see the explanations below!

The Material

The only material needed to make this origami box is a piece of paper. The size is adjusted just as needed. If the type of paper, I like to use the 70-90gram.

The Steps

  1. Start with square paper aka rectangular paper on the side. This form we will call square A.
  2. Fold the edges of the square towards the center until four triangles are formed with ends that meet each other in the middle. This smaller square is called square B.
  3. Fold the bottom and bottom sides of square B inward.
  4. Open the upper fold then fold from the left and right sides
  5. Unload all the folds, and return to square A. This is the point to make guidelines for you to continue to slip in step 6.
  6. Fold the two right-left ends of square A until the image as shown below is formed.
  7. On the same side, fold on the straight line that was formed. The fold will form the right wall and left wall box.
  8. Imagine first what the box looks like, then clench your right hand up.
  9. The triangle-shaped edge bends inward until it forms a wall over the box. The end of the triangle will meet the ends of the two triangles left and right.
  10. If you succeed the temporary shape will look like this:
  11. Perform step 8 at the last end to form the fourth wall …
  12. It’s ready !!!

Well, you know how to make an origami box, be happy to be creative!

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