Sun. Jul 21st, 2024
Origami Art Ideas Best 5 Minute Crafts 5 Quick Easy Origami Projects Easy

Origami, which the history can be dated back in the 1800s, remains a popular handcraft till now. It is fun and you can bring your imagination into reality with just a sheet of paper. Find out the fun origami art ideas in the following list.

#1. Ombre Crane Garland

An ombre crane garland is mainly used by people in some countries to honor a guest comes to their house. This craft is also a symbol of hope and often used to salute students who just completed their education.

#2. Heart Escort Cards Origami

Are you thinking of something to give to your beloved one? Why not trying to make these heart escort card origami? Just write a letter for your beloved one and then put it in the heart escort card. Perfect!

#3. Origami Butterfly

Origami butterfly is one of the origami art ideas you should try. You can make it together with our children to give them some fun. You will love the shape of the butterfly and you can give it to express your love to your kids, spouse, or friends.

#4. Heart Origami

You will be surprised that a piece of paper can be turned into a perfect heart craft. This heart origami has a perfect shape and form. With the red color paper to create the origami, you can make the “most perfect heart” ever.

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