Sun. Jul 21st, 2024
Origami 3d Easy How To Make Simple 3d Origami Paper Stars Youtube

Super cute rabbit animals can also be created from paper. Let’s see how to make a rabbit origami 3D easy!

The materials

Prepare a square sheet of paper and markers.

The steps

  • Fold the paper into two symmetrical rectangular sections.
  • Reopen the folds
  • Fold the bottom and top side towards the folding line
  • Fold 2 into a square shape with open parts inside.
  • Open the last fold. Make folds of right triangles with feet at each end.
  • Reopen the folds of the 4 triangles. Make it into an isosceles triangle.
  • Move the newly folded rhombus shape to the closed back.
  • Turn to the open section again. Then make a triangle fold from the tip to the middle.
  • Drag and fold the newly formed small tip parallel to the open line. This is the head of the rabbit.
  • Fold 2 along the open fold line.
  • Pull the rabbit ear upwards while the other finger rests on the body.
  • For the back of the body, place the left-hand finger in the middle of the second square to hold the open part. Meanwhile, the right-hand finger pushes the back inward.
  • Now, hold it in the middle of the newly formed fold. The right-hand finger again pushes the bottom until the toe is parallel.
  • For the rabbit’s mouth, match one side of the mouth that is open. Then pull and bend into the other part.
  • Let’s make the ears wide! Hold the part near the rabbit’s forehead, while opening the ears.
  • As a solution, draw a rabbit’s eyes and nose with a marker.
  • Well, this adorable rabbit is finished.

Those are the ways to make origami 3D easy.

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