Sun. Jul 21st, 2024
Origami Ideas Decoration Easy Paper Flower Origami Modular Flower Youtube

If you love to be creative today and you want to create some beautiful decorations around your room, then you have to try origami. Origami is the Japanese art fro folding paper. Origami can be so complicated, but there are many easy designs for the beginner. The great thing about origami is you can make anything practically so that you can find any design that you love and trying origami ideas decoration.

The origami crane

This origami crane is one of the most popular origami projects. Its basically using the bird base along with the two petal folds. The folk said that folding thousand paper cranes can help you to grant on a special wish. So, do you want to make it?

Origami cube box

This origami cub box was made from the six units are known as “sonobe”. They help you to get an incredible decoration or used as the gift box as well. if you use different colored papers, then they give you a beautiful patchwork effect.

Origami tulip flower

This is a very beautiful flower which also jas the stem that fits into this flower. You need two square peppers to make this one and you can make a few these and put into your vase to create a beautiful origami flower arrangement. Make your origami ideas decoration.

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