Sun. Jul 21st, 2024
Origami Kusudama Ball How To Make Kusudama Flower Ball Kusudama Flower Bouquet

This origami looks really beautiful and complex on every shape oh them. This origami is at advanced level, so you are suggested to learn some basics first. When you are trying to make an origami kusudama ball, you need to learn how to make one unit of it then multiply it.

All those multiple units then should be properly arranged together in order to form a ball figure. Some may use glue or any sort of it to combine it. But, with advanced skill, you won’t need any. Most these origami are designed specifically that every unit will fit perfectly each other.

History of Kusudama Ball and Its Use

The Japanese word of kusudama means medicine sphere. In its original culture, Origami kusudama ball is used to be offerings, treasury and incense. The ball often consisted of some colors. This make the creation more artistic and attractive.

With the stunning look of this origami, this would be great and beautiful decorative items. But, where to place it? You can use it to décor the shelve or you can create many of it and hang it as cute curtain right in front of your room door. The gorgeous item is also perfect to add style inside your car. Add tassel on its bottom and string on top to hang it up.

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