Thu. May 23rd, 2024
How To Make Origami Flowers Origami Kusudama Flower Youtube

Several Steps on How to Make Origami Flowers

Origami flowers is a classical and popular origami in society. Making origami flowers is actually not difficult. You can apply the following steps on how to make origami flowers.

  1. Prepare materials and tools such as a folding paper, pins, and pencil.
  2. Prepare those folding papers. Fold it to be some small squares. Make sure you make it so small.
  3. Thick those folding spots with the pencil.
  4. Fold that paper based on the image. Fold it back to four angles. The paper must have a folding result to the bottom. It means that you fold the lining part. Then, you make it bold. Turn around the origami paper and then make it bold with your pencil. The aim is at easing you to fold it. Make a fold along a red line. Then, focus on the small red lines. The fold will bring a right side to the left one so that you can fold it back to be a triangle. Make a fold again and then fold the opposite. Repeat a folding process for the last three angles. Press the angles carefully and together. Turn it around so that it forms a flower shape.

Do those steps one by one. If you get confused, you can imitate the making process with the images. Those are some steps on how to make origami flowers.

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