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Origami Tutorial Step By Step Origami Tutorial Easy Origami Sailboat Folding Instructions Step

Most of you often search for some information about a tutorial to do something. Today, this article will provide you an origami tutorial step by step to make a colorful fan origami. This is good for children’s creativity. Early childhood is very fond of this creation. Only with a piece of paper, children can make various forms that are beautiful, interesting, and educative. If you are an educator, you can invite students to make a colorful fan with origami paper. Then what are the materials needed and how to make it?

The needed colorful fan materials

What are the tools and materials needed to make this creation? Let’s see!

  1. Origami Paper: The origami paper needed is 3 pieces.
  2. Paper glue
  3. Ice cream sticks: Ice cream sticks will be used as fan handles.

The steps to create a colorful fan

How do you make this creation? Let’s follow the steps below:

  1. Prepare 3 origami papers.
  2. Fold into waves.
  3. Fold the center so that it forms to resemble a wing.
  4. Connect the two wing shapes to form a small fan.
  5. Connect each small fan to a large fan.
  6. Put all the fans into a circle by making 2 ice cream sticks as handles or handles.

After that, please pose with the children by making the rainbow fan as the accessory. Well, this is the simple explanation of an origami tutorial step by step.

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