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The Norwegian patterns will show you with the picture of the cozy night near the fireside. It is very easy to know the reasons. You will feel so comfortable to include in these projects so that you always want to keep them all of the year round. The traditional Norwegian knitting using the stranded knitting to create a two-color design along with the floating strand to add more extra layers. Choose simple Norwegian knitting patterns free.

The tindrer

There are some traditional things in Norwegian like the lice pattern in the hat body along with the two-color pattern in the edge. This pattern is really optional, however, it contributes to the snowy theme and stylish accessories for your cold season.

The Norwegian fingerless glove

The heart design of Norwegian is so warm with its beautiful design. You are able to add its own touch in this classic pattern, following the long cultural tradition in the process. Of course, you can see its classic pattern.

The woods sweater

What the best place to show off your stitch skill? Sweater places the design in the front and middle part. It fits with a sweater which is purposely comfortable and loose as well. It will be your favorite design immediately. Get more Norwegian knitting patterns free.

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