Tue. May 21st, 2024
Stranded Knitting Patterns Fair Isles The Design Studio Knitting With Colour Stranded Colour And Fair

Let’s discuss the stranded knitting pattern fair isles. As we know that stranded knitting or usually it is known as a Fair Isle knitting is a way which is generally easy to do in knitting the same row with two colors.

If you want to make a pattern which is very simple in which it only use some stitches and repeat often, you may use this good technique of knitting. Below are some examples of the simple pattern which use this technique.

A Hat of Fair Isle

By making the pattern of this hat, you will be required to practice knitting by using two colors which have different types. It is because the technique which is used in making the band is a technique of mosaic and a technique of fair isle is used in making the hat rest. Well, you have to know that this hat’s motif is included in a traditional motif.

A Cowl of Festivus

A cowl or veil which uses a pattern of stranded colorwork or fair isle has some advantage in which the advantages are not too different with a stranded colorwork hat. One of the advantages is that it is able to give super warmth to you.if you are able to memorize this cowl pattern once, you definitely will not need a chart to refer and complete the pattern anymore.

Well, those are two fantastic examples of stranded knitting pattern fair isles.

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