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Colorwork Knitting Patterns Sweaters 10 Free Fair Isle Knitting Patterns On Craftsy

Basically, before you understand the colorwork knitting patterns sweaters, you are required to get to know the various types of knitting yarns. There are various types of knitting yarns that you can use. The type of knitting yarn you choose depends on the type of project you are working on. If this is your first time knitting, it is best to choose the simplest type of yarn, such as ordinary cotton yarn or soft acrylic yarn. Choose a plain thread color so that in learning, you can see how the prick is made – patterned knitting yarn will be difficult.

Soft acrylic knitting yarn

This type of yarn is slightly more expensive than other knitting yarns. This thread is good for beginners who are learning new patterns. Try to avoid very cheap knitting yarns when you start making a project to be rewarded, because a lot of cheap knit yarn is roughly textured (and who wants a rough scarf?).

100% cotton knitting yarn (100% cotton)

Cotton knitting yarns are good for making anything that can later be washed frequently (for example dishcloths). Cotton threads are water-absorbing and easy to wash.

Novelty yarn

This type of knitting yarn has the most variety – as long as the yarn may have different textures, colors, etc. – and is generally the most expensive. Novelty yarn made from wool which is very fine so that it will produce a sweater or scarf/scarf (scarf) that is very comfortable to wear. Remember that this type of knitting yarn cannot be washed as often as cotton yarn.

So, choose your best yarn according to yourself in making the colorwork knitting patterns sweaters.

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