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Sewing Plushies Free Pattern Free Plush Bat Pdf Pattern To Download So Cute Sewing

You may like to make a craft such as plushies from flannel fabric. So, this article will explain you about the sewing plushies free pattern.

Well, there are 2 main ways or patterns, namely:

festoon stitch Technique

both have the same function – only differ in technique and visual appearance.

The most popular and almost always used is Feston stitch.

The Easy Ways to Sew Flannel Fabric with a Feston Skewer Technique

  • Paste 2 pieces of flannel cloth that you want to combine. in this example, the shape of plushies is round.
  • Prepare the thread on the needle.
  • Put the needle down – from the inside of the folds of the two sheets of cloth.
  • Now, stick the needle up through the 2 cloths, then … insert the needle into the thread Circumference that has just been formed.
  • Pull the thread so tightly.
  • Do this repeatedly until all the fabric is needed.

Skewer Roll Technique

The second method may be easier and faster to process, but the results are less good with the first method, but later it can be used according to needs/circumstances.

  • Attach 2 pieces of flannel cloth, this time is a box shape.
  • Put the needle down – through the inside of the folds of the two sheets of fabric, so that the thread Knot is between the two cloths so that later it is invisible and neater.
  • Still, in the same place, stick the needle from the top perpendicular – through the 2 pieces of fabric down.
  • Now, puncture the needle again from the top through the 2 cloths.
  • The slope of the needle angle adjusts to how wide the distance between stitches you want.
  • Pull the thread so tightly.
  • Do the same thing over and over again until the fabric is needed.

Now, you have known about the sewing plushies free pattern then try to practice it.

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