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Sewing Patterns For Women Brave The Cold With Wonderful Womens Winter Coat Sewing Patterns

Hello, readers! Today, we will discuss sewing patterns for women exactly it is about the Patterns of clothing. In making clothes or clothes, patterns are the main thing to prepare. The pattern is the blueprint of the clothes that will be made.

Perfect or not your artificial clothes depend on how good and detailed the pattern of clothes you make. Therefore, making patterns is one of the important elements in making clothes.

In essence, the pattern that has been made will be a reference in making clothes so that there is no mistake in the making, especially when cutting the fabric.

Generally, clothing patterns consist of several basic patterns that are used as a reference for making clothes. The basic patterns are:

Upper Templates

The upper basic pattern is a pattern that covers the shoulder to the waist, this pattern is generally called the front and back body pattern.

Bottom Basic Pattern

The bottom base pattern is a pattern made for the lower part of the body that is measured from the waist to the knee or extended to the ankles.

For women’s clothing, this pattern is usually called a skirt basic pattern consisting of the basic pattern of the front and back skirt.

Arm Pattern or Arm Base Pattern

Arm pattern is a pattern that is made to form an arm that covers the upper arm to elbow for short arms.

Whereas for the long arm can be extended to the wrist.

Upper Body Pattern and Lower Body Pattern

Different from the basic pattern of the top and bottom, upper body pattern and lower body pattern applied in the manufacture of overalls or dresses.

Those are the four basic patterns especially the sewing patterns for women that are common in every pattern of clothes that will be made

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