Tue. May 21st, 2024
Sewing Upcycled Clothing Easy Diy Diy Upcycling T Shirt Pinterest Inspired Quick Easy How To

There are hundreds of ways of sewing upcycled clothing easy DIY that you can follow to get new use of your old clothing. If you get clothing that does not fit anymore or it has damage, there is another solution: upcycle it rather than dumping it.

  • Too small clothing: if you have a problem with too small clothing, you can sew it again into some awesome ways, such as pullover cardigan, sweater with inserted fabrics; lengthen as a dress with lace, and too-small shirt solution.
  • Too big clothing: take these ways to use your too big clothing such as sew it as a dress, make a frumpy as a comfortable hoodie, make a gigantic sweater,
  • Cover it up: when your clothing get a stain or small tear, you can sew it and cover into new usage such as cardigan embellishment, pattern pop tee, ¬†easy lace short, Dottie jeans,
  • Make as new: you used to wear a dress, next you can repurpose as a favorite skirt. Try these upcycle examples such as baby romper. Skirt, button-down refashioned, toddler dress and skirt, ¬†shirt headbands, tie-dye swim cover-up
  • Switch it up: upcycle does not means you always make as new other clothes. You can make something else from your old clothing such as denim and flannel quilt, memory quilt, bandana and tablecloth, denim coaster, and many more.

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