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Sewing Darts In Jeans Easy Ways To Make Your Off The Rack Jeans Fit Your Custom Body Fix

This article will discuss the ways of sewing darts in jeans. Most you must have some jeans, don’t you? But, you sometimes cannot get or match the best jeans pair to wear. Maybe, the waist of your lovely jeans does not fit you in which it is too big or small. Don’t worry, you can solve it by sewing in darts. See the steps of sewing darts below!

Turn out the inside of the jeans

Before determining to reduce it, you have to wear it first. Then, the material should be clasped at the jeans waistband. Fit it in order to be good and comfortable. After that, hold it by using some pins. Then, prepare your darts after you take off all pins.

Draw your jeans dart

In every dart, you may make lines for about two by using chalk of tailor or fabric pen which is washable. You can start to draw it from the pinch points of waistband then, you should cut some inches below. At the two lines’ center that you draw before, you have to give again the third line. To get a good precision, you can use a ruler that you have.

Take off all of the pins.

Through the line of center, you should crease the jean fabric in which the sides of right should be one. The jeans’ outer lines should be lined up, and tight the dart.

Sew the dart

Notice the sewing lines that have been marked before. You can stitch it starting from the widest to the narrow point to get the wonderful sewing. After you finish sewing it, you then cut the thread’s bottom and top. To bundle your dart into the position, you may let 4 inches at the every end of the thread. Do not pull it tightly.

Iron your jeans’ dart

Do it by using a set of medium hot. Next, with the centerfold, you should press your dart. Iron it starting from the widest to the narrow point.

Well, those are the ways of sewing darts in jeans.

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