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Sewing Tshirts Funny Welding Is Like Sewing With Fire Welding Shirt Funny Welder T Shirt

This article will invite you to learn and get information about sewing t-shirts funny with perca fabric. You will be guided how to do and also what you need to sew it. Let’s see the explanations below!

The Materials and Tools

Below are things you need:

–       Colorful patchwork fabric

–       Thin viselin fabric

–       Pencil or pen

–       Iron

–       Fabric glue

–       Textile markers

The Steps

The steps can be seen below!

–       Prepare patchwork according to the color of the image.

–       Prepare a viselin cloth of the same size and number as a patchwork fabric. Viselin fabrics are useful for making patchwork and can be printed on patterns.

–       Cover the patchwork with the viselin cloth.

–       Iron until viselin fabric sticks to the patchwork.

–       Place the part of the image according to the color of each. The image should face down so that the results match the original image.

–       Trace the picture using a pencil or pen. The green patchwork is traced to the image.

–       Cut out each image that has been traced to the patchwork

–       Bring together each piece of the image to resemble the image as a whole. Glue using glue.

–       Paste the image on the shirt. Make sure to cover the part that is stained or damaged.

–       Sew using a sewing machine that has a zigzag motif. Or if you don’t have it, you can sew it with the needle of a hand, using a Feston stitch.

–       You may paint some parts of the image by using textile markers. Painting can be done when the image has been sewn on the shirt, or it could be before.

–       When finished, the part with the painting markers should be ironed so that the color continues to stick and is not erased when washed.

Those are the explanations of sewing t-shirts funny with perca fabric.

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