27 Wonderful Image of Diy Origami Flowers

Origami in the form of flowers is quite popular and is in demand by many people. Origami flowers also have beautiful shapes that are suitable for decoration, furniture accessories in the corners of the room, even in school classrooms. If you are interested in making DIY origami flowers, you can follow the steps that we provide. The procedures are quite easy and easy to do.

Origami lily flower

First, take a piece of 6-inch origami paper, then fold it into a triangular shape. Next, take one of the four basic angles and fold symmetrically to meet another intersecting angle. Look carefully so that you can easily copy it. Repeat the fold for the other three corners, to give the shape of the kite. After that, bend or fold the bottom edge of the kite to the middle, then unfold it. Fold the top corner to the bottom, then open it. Now your origami will have fold marks. You will use these scars in the next step.

Place your finger below the lower point of the kite, then fold the paper up. This method is to make lily flower petals. Then repeat this method to fold the three other petals on the small kite. Now fold one point of the kite down, repeat up to 3 times to resemble a diamond. Fold the top edge of the diamond into the middle, repeat up to 3 times the other side.  You can fold out four lily flower petals next to the reverse part.

That’s all the example of DIY origami flowers that are easy to follow. You can use your creativity to make the other shapes of beautiful flowers.

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