Sat. Jul 20th, 2024
Origami Envelope Rectangle How To Fold An Origami Envelope With Pictures Wikihow

Origami originally comes from Japan. It is an art of folding paper to make a beautiful or nice shape. It has many uses, from decoration to stress reliever. One of the patterns of origami isĀ origami envelope rectangle.

This origami envelope can be used both as an item to store things like notes or as a letter fold. Using it as a letter fold, you do not need an actual envelope to send your letter. It is a unique way to send emails. The next time you send your letter to your friends, try to folding your letter to make origami envelope pattern first before sending it to them.

Though the shape is often rectangular, there are various ways of making origami envelope. The final shape is always rectangular, but the progress of folding the paper may be different. You can find the instruction or the tutorial online. Do not have to worry, it is easy to follow and it is free. The instructions usually consist of the directions or the guides in folding the paper, and the picture to make the reader easier to understand, or even the guide is followed by the video tutorial. You just have to choose which way of making origami envelope you think is easier.

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