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Origami Tutorial Easy Easter Origami Bird Easy Origami Tutorial How To Make An Easy

In this article, we will give you the origami tutorial easy. Well, do you remember the children’s song titled Morning Star? Not only can it be seen from the sky, but Morning Star can also be made from paper! The stages are also not difficult, requiring only a few sheets of color paper. Here’s a tutorial on how to make Star origami.

The Needed Things

  • 15 sheets of origami paper
  • Pencil

The Steps

  • To make the star origami, you should:
  • Prepare six sheets of colored folding paper according to taste. Mark each end with the letter ABCD
  • Fold the paper in half (AD to BC) then open it, fold it back in half (AB towards the CD), open it again then a fold line will appear
  • Turn the paper over, make a diagonal fold line until point A meets point C, open it again and do it on the other side until point B meets point D, reopen
  • Turn the paper over, push A ‘and B’ to meet and fold until A meets C and B meet D. Then, put the letter E on the edge of the paper formed earlier.
  • Drag A and B towards point E, reopen
  • Perform steps 2 to 5 on the other five papers
  • Take two folded paper, insert the foot into the other leg as shown below. Push it to the end so that each leg is at point E.
  • Push E to meet E, reopen until the center opens as shown below
  • Perform steps 7 and 8 on 4 other papers to connect each paper

Well, wait the next origami tutorial easy about the other shapes.

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