Sun. Sep 24th, 2023
Paper Origami Flowers How To Make A Kusudama Paper Flower Easy Origami Kusudama For

Do you have in mind to create some paper origami flowers? Well, you can present beautiful lily flowers at home at any time without fear of being wilted. Come on, we start making it!

The Materials

One thing that you should do is that you have to provide a bright square of paper.

The Instructions

The following are instructions to make lily origami:

  • Fold from end to diagonal end to form a triangle.
  • The double fold is as big
  • Open all folds
  • Fold in half into the same rectangular shape.
  • Fold it again into a square
  • Open the last fold, then form each square part into a triangle.
  • Pull the end of the triangle until the side coincides with the center line.
  • Hold the fold and then slide the finger in the fold. Position the sideline of the triangle above the center line. Then press.
  • Do the same for the other three triangular sections. So that it forms an inverted kite.
  • Pull the right end so that the edges coincide with the center line with the pointed edge in the open.
  • In the same way, fold all parts. Now, form it into a rhombus.
  • Fold following a short diagonal
  • Fold forward and back
  • Open the fold. Now there are short diagonal folds.
  • Open the two bottom triangle folds
  • Pull the lower end until it meets the top end
  • In the middle, a small kite will be formed.
  • Do it in the other 3 parts is formed inverted kite again
  • Pull the kite part open down and do all parts
  • Pull the short end to the edge with a long diagonal line, with a pointed end in the closed section. Do it in all other parts
  • Turning his position into a kite. The bottom will be the base of the flower and the top of the crown.
  • Open a flower crown. Bend and roll outward until curved.
  • Make an arch for the other 3 crowns

Finally, Lily flower is perfectly formed. Try to make other creations of paper origami flowers.

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