27 Inspired Image of Diy Origami Heart

Follow this step by step to make your own DIY origami heart project. The origami heart is special for your Valentine Days.

  • Paper size: 6.62X16 cm or 15X6.2 or 20X 8.3 cm
  • Fold the paper into half and open it back up.
  • Fold the other side into half and open the paper. Now you can see there are 2 ceases in the paper.
  • Fold the top point of the paper and meet with the center of the crease.
  • Fold the bottom point of the paper and make it met with the top paper that has folded before
  • Fold the right side and meet the crease in the center
  • Fold the left side into the crease or the center. Now, you can see the heart done, but there are steps need to be finished.
  • Flip the paper over to the opposite side. Next, make a fold into the right side. Make a dashed line in the edge of both sides on the crease. Fold both of its.
  • Fold the top points. Make a dashed line in the point where you make the fold. Fold both of the rights and left sides.
  • Now, you can write the DIY origami heart message and send it to your lover with flower bouquet and chocolate.

Macuca Romina

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