Sun. Jul 21st, 2024
Dollar Bill Origami Money Origami Bird How To Make A Dollar Origami Animal Youtube

Who likes to make origami? Well, talking about origami, we’re acquainted with a designer artist named Won Park. He’s good at making cool origami. In fact, he can make origami using the money. It is a Dollar Bill Origami. Just look at it.

The First Creation

This time there is an origami that forms a crab. Can anyone make it like this or not?

The Second Creation

No less handsome than the first origami. Even though it’s just origami, this camera can look very similar to a real camera, right? The shape of the box and the lens can be very neat.

The Third Creation

The next origami is a spider. Do you think you are similar to spiders in general?

The Fourth Creation

It seems like this Won Park likes to make works with animal themes. Lots of origami shaped animals. After there were spiders and crabs, now there are scorpions.

The Fifth Creation

It’s not just insects. Won Park makes origami pork. Really funny results? It seems like it’s exciting if there’s a pig piggy bank with a picture of this dollar bill.

The Sixth Creation

It is very good. There is a butterfly. The shape is simple, not many folds, but really beautiful.

The Seventh Creation

It’s not just animals. Also see the origami in the shape of a car. Complete, there are tires too. Hmmm, how do you make it?

For those of you who like to make origami, you can make the work from Won Park an inspiration of Dollar Bill Origami to make works that are no less unique and artsy.

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