Sat. May 18th, 2024
Origami Decoration Diy Wall Art Diy Paper Wall Art With Origami Pyramid Pixels Easy Tutorial And

For those of you who want wall decorations which are inexpensive but still look good, we provide some tips on how to make origami decoration DIY wall art. Try how to make the following origami paper wall decorations, and get the unique but cheap wall art that only belongs to you.

Pyramid-shaped origami walls decorations

This idea is quite simple but is definitely nice to be applied. This wall decoration will give texture to your gloomy wall. You should make origami pyramids in large quantities and small sizes. If possible, use several combinations of colors that match the room design. Then, arrange the paper pyramids to form an image like an animal, rainbow, or you can even arrange them randomly.

The simplest origami wall decorations

This wall decoration design does not require any complicated steps at all. Making this origami decoration DIY wall art is arguably very easy. You only need to fold the four sides of the colorful square paper (origami paper) inside and arrange them on the wall. You can arrange them to make a beautiful color gradation.

Hanging origami paper

You do not always have to attach decorations directly to the wall. You can try another alternative, by hanging them on wood on the wall like how to make origami paper room wall decorations. Make origami in 3D shapes like stars or birds, then tuck the rope at the end. Use different lengths of rope and origami sizes to make the decoration look more natural.

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