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Origami For Beginners Step By Step Origami Heart Instructions Free Printable Papercraft Templates

Envelope origami may a basic skill to learn. But, it will be without doubt useful especially if you don’t have any regular envelope when you need it. As origami for beginners step by step, anyone can follow and create their own envelope. You won’t need any glue on this origami, however, if you prefer to use some, then it’s perfectly fine.

Origami is known as Japanese culture. Where ori interprets folding and kami interprets paper. Learning envelope origami for beginners step by step would be perfect aid when you have greetings card without any envelope you can use. The suitable paper for envelope origami must be a square.

  1. Please note the side upside will be the inside of envelope. So, you should be able to determine which side you want to be outside and which is inside. First of all, place the inside paper upside.
  2. Put the paper in position where the angles are parallel. Then start by bringing the corner on the right to the left so that the two angles meet up. Do not fold the paper fully, you need to tweak it at the center paper.
  3. Now, it’s turn to bring the bottom angle up to the top. Do the same little tweak on the center. There you should be able to have an X spot now.
  4. This time, you need to not only bring but also fold the right and left angles to the X spot properly.
  5. Pull the top angle as well, but please make a light folding on this step. Open it after the light being made.
  6. Now, put the bottom angle up to the light folding mark on previous step.
  7. Unfold the bottom side. Then following the grease mark at the bottom, fold the right as well as the left side diagonally. After folding the side corner, unfold it.
  8. Bring the bottom side but fold it only to the lower crease. After that, fold the right and left side again.
  9. Now, at the center, open up the lower folded paper and tweak it into inside corner. Do the same for left side. This will result a little mountain folding at the center bottom.
  10. All you have to do now is plug in the mountain folding into the upper right and left sides. Fold down the top angle and voila! Your envelope is ready.

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