Sat. May 18th, 2024
Origami Envelopes & Letter Folding Super Easy Origami Envelope Tutorial Diy Paper Kawaii Youtube

How is a beautiful origami envelopes letter folding? Although many people are now communicating in distance using their gadgets, it doesn’t mean that the letter completely left behind. Even the arts of folding the envelopes letter are still interesting to learn about. Some of the origami folding styles are described below.

Standard Envelopes

The paper for letter can be simply turned into a standard envelope you probably often see. You can just prepare a square paper and fold it twice by putting the corners diagonally. Next, bring the top corner to the center as well as the bottom.

Mountain Fold Envelopes

If you are just bored with the standard style, you can try this one. The way to create it is just the same but you can add garnishes by making a new mountain fold from the center. The right part is folded underneath the area on the middle.

Tulip Origami

You can also turn the paper into a beautiful tulip before sending it to the loved ones. Fold the left and side parts of the paper diagonally to form a triangle. The corner parts must also be folded to the middle. Lastly, the bottom of the flower should be in the blunt shape by folding this part to the upper part.

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