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Origami Crafts Wall Art Diy Paper Wall Art With Origami Pyramid Pixels Easy Tutorial And

Making origami crafts wall art can be your current leisure activity. Home is our place to return home and home to be a place for us to take shelter. Following this, we will discuss how to make wall hangings with various types of origami paper.

A gull paper from origami paper

How to make origami with bird shapes:

  • Prepare several origami papers in various colors
  • Fold the origami into a triangular shape with layered sides inside the fold
  • Take 1 side of the origami and fold it in the middle
  • Fold the top end to the back
  • Do the outside of the folded origami upside down
  • Fold the bottom side to the front and back
  • Then follow the fold according to the arrow according to figure number 6
  • The shape of the bird’s head with the fold technique becomes
  • Fold the bottom left inward
  • Fold the tail section with the fold out technique
  • Be a Seagull

An origami paper plant

How to make wall decorations made from origami paper are:

  • Prepare paper with various colors, paper glue, and also scissors
  • Look for leaf forms on the internet
  • After getting the leaf shapes, then green paper paper scissors with pinnate leaf shapes
  • Yellow origami paper with leaf shapes and other types of leaves as you like
  • After all types of leaves are ready, this can actually be applied to the walls of your house
  • You can arrange leaves that are like autumn leaves
  • Or you can make it with trees, according to your creation
  • How to attach origami paper to a leaf shape, spread the back of a colorless origami paper with paper glue
  • Stick the origami paper in leaf shape to the wall with a little pressure, so that the origami paper can stick firmly to the wall of the house

This Origami Wall Hanging Plant Can be used in the bedroom, living room, or even put it in the refrigerator to make it more attractive and comfortable.

Those are two inspirations to make the origami crafts wall art.

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