27 Beautiful Photo of Diy Origami Step By Step

Origami is a folding part of the paper and becomes a Japanese’s games. From a piece of paper, you can form a particular shape such as an outfit, hat, and the others. You can make a bird origami to make. These are DIY origami step by step to make a bird origami.

  1.    Put a piece of paper on the table
  2.    Fold in a half by uniting the bottom tip and the upper tip
  3.    Form a triangle shape
  4.    Then, fold it again until it forms a triangle shape again
  5.    Next, open the bottom edge of the triangle
  6.    From the upper tip of the opened part, press it bottom and fold it
  7.    Do the same things for the backsides.
  8.    Then, the opened paper part is faced to the bottom and then fold the left and right sides.
  9.    Fold the triangle tip to the bottom
  10.    Open the fold
  11.    Then, open from the bottom tip and fold inside following the folding line before. Do it samely for the back sides
  12.    Fold it again in the left and right sides
  13.    Do it in the back sides
  14.    The slim bottom part is folded up
  15.    Open and fold inside
  16.    Do it same as the right sides
  17.    Choose one slim fold. Make a small curve for the birds head.
  18.    Pull both sides inside.
  19.    Form it as a bird

Those are ways on DIY origami step by step to do.

Macuca Romina

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