Sat. Jul 20th, 2024
Fairisle Knitting Patterns Charts Fair Isle Knitting Peeries Cook Knit Paint

Fairisle knitting patterns charts are those charts as the guidance to create the knitting piece with the Fair Isle idea. Fair Isle has many demands nowadays for the unique patterns so that the final result looks like a painting. What are the projects to be made using the Fair Isle knitting pattern? Here they are.


Mittens are not only functioned to warm up your hands. It is also related also a piece of cloth that protects your hands when cooking and lifting the hot pan. The Fair Isle knitting idea is very good for this stuff in which the pattern can only be placed on the edge of mittens. It looks simple but still really nice.


If you need a casual handbag, you don’t need to always buy it. Sometimes, you can just make it by yourself. Sure, to make it look more beautiful, you can apply the pattern to the body of the bag. Sure, it is possible also for the handlers.

Pillow Cover

Pillow covers are other items which are at the best if there are appropriate patterns on it. Well, one of them is the Fair Isle pattern. Apply the colors of yarn that are fit to the sofa or bedcover. Despite it is beautiful; your pillow also feels warmer.

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