Sat. May 18th, 2024
Colorwork Knitting Patterns Fair Isles 10 Free Fair Isle Knitting Patterns On Craftsy

Do you know what is a Fair Isle knitting? It is basically a technique of stranded colorwork in which the yarn which is not useful anymore floats. The work which is wrong is the place where the yarn will float. In this case, this knitting will be fantastic knitting because it is able to warm. It can warm because it has additional layers which are made by the unused yarns.

If you are the new learner about this knitting technique of Fair Isle, you do not need to worry about the way or idea. However, you need to practice more about this technique to create a beautiful colorwork or the Fair Isle. So, try to practice the following colorwork knitting patterns fair isles inspirations!

A Hat of Miss Rachel

By using this pattern idea, you can utilize your scraps that you have had and saved before. This pattern is good as an introduction before doing the fair isle or colorwork. Try to make it!\

The Snowflake Mittens

In the back of it, this fair isle pattern has floating yarn. This case makes the pattern much warmer. In other words, it is suitable to be used in winter. So, make this mitten accessory in winter. On the mittens’ bottom and top side, there is a colorwork pattern but they have a different pattern.

Do not waste your time! Let’s try these colorwork knitting patterns fair isles!

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