Thu. May 23rd, 2024
Sewing Patterns For Beginners 10 Free Dress Sewing Patterns Youll Love

If you are a beginner, start your initial projects with something simple. By sewing patterns for beginners you will be able to accustom your fingers in sewing.  This is important step in order to elevate your skill. Once you have been accustomed in sewing, you can try advanced and complicated pattern.

  1. Pillow Case

Pillow case is one you can tryout in your early learning. The simple shape which is rectangular or square will minimalize the struggle you may face in your first sewing. The most famous method on sewing a pillowcase is burrito. It is called as burrito because you will have to roll the fabric into little tube in the middle of process. Generally sewing a pillow case will take 15 minutes. But, it is okay if you take longer.

  1. Drawstring bag

Whether a big or small one, a drawstring bag is really handy in your daily life. Drawstring bag would be a perfect project sewing patterns for beginners. It only needs 3 fat quarters of fabric. Please remember, one fat quarters is one fourth yard part of the whole fabric which normally defines 18” x 22”. Meanwhile, for the string, you can choose to use twill or fabric from the leftover.

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