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Sewing Patterns For Kids Free Sewing Patterns For Kids Springsummer 2018 Life Sew Savory

Do you know the sewing patterns for kids? Well, sewing is a simple activity but requires precision and perseverance. People who are used to sewing usually have high precision and patience. Coordination of speed and dexterity of their eyes and hands are very good.

For children, usually in a kindergarten or playgroup, a hollow board is provided for sewing exercises. The forms vary. Starting with the shape of fruits, clothes, shoes, etc. But, usually, the prices offered for educational games like that tend to be expensive. And children are easily bored.

Tools & materials

  • Cardboard paper that is not too thin
  • Pencils and markers
  • Little ribbon
  • Paper hole puncher
  • Scissor

How to sew

  • Make a rather large pattern on cardboard or colored paper using a pencil. After being made, bold it with a marker. Try not to get too complicated a picture. For example, pictures of shoes, clothes, or apples.
  • Cut the pattern neatly.
  • Make a hole around the image with a paper puncher. The distance between holes is approximately 1 or 2 cm.
  • Make a knot on one end of the ribbon, then insert the ribbon in the hole until all the holes are entered by the ribbon. You can give an example first and let your little one finish it.

Try to teach that sewing patterns for kids to your kids!

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