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Crochet Patterns Free Hectanooga Patterns Free Crochet Pattern Asymmetrical Circular

For a crocheter (especially beginners), it is good to know some basic patterns of crochet patterns free. What do you need to master it for? Because with just one crochet pattern, you can produce a variety of stuff from beautiful and unique wool yarn, such as scarves, hats, bags, and many more things.

As the name implies, the basic pattern of crocheting is often used to make the basic motif/shape of crochet. But it does not rule out the possibility of these knits being added with other basic types of stitches to produce unique and prettier shapes.

Actually, crochet patterns have dozens of different types and characteristics. However, the following crochet patterns free are fairly simple and easy, compared to other knit patterns. So you do not need to worry about not being able to master it, even for the beginner crocheter.

Checkerboard stitch

This basic pattern of knitting will look even better with the combination of two different colored knitting yarns so that the checkerboard pattern such as a chessboard looks more clear. However, you can still use 1 type of knitting yarn. Even though it uses 1 type of yarn, the result of knitting is still shaped like a chessboard.

Stockinette stitch

The stockinette stitch pattern usually forms long lines, making it suitable for use in making a square or rectangular hand knits, such as tablecloths, blankets, scarves, or baby aprons.

Garter stitch

This knitting garter stitch knitting pattern is best used by beginner knit (especially for those who are just learning how to make knitted patterns). The reason, this one knit motif only uses 1 type of basic knitting stitch.

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