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Crochet Sphere How To Make How To Make A Crochet Ball Tutorial Amigurumi Extended Slow Motion

If you have basics skill of crochet already, then making a sphere is quite easy. However, if you are just a beginner and want to start it, here crochet sphere how to makeinstructions you should check out.

  1. Create a knot main base

The very first step in crochet is making a slipknot. To make it, just simply loop the yarn twice into your index finger of your left hand, then pull out the first loop through the second loop. Here you get your slipknot. After that, put your hook into the knot and chain two times.

  1. Six single crochet

Depending on how big you want to a sphere, the initial single crochet would determine it. In this crochet sphere how to make instructions, I will only use 6 single crochet that would create a small one. Start to stitch 6 single crochet on the second from hook. This will be the first chain stitch for the followed ones. After making 6 single crochet, you will have the primary round which has also 6 stitch.

  1. Two single crochet in each six previous

On this second round, create 2 single crochet on each stitch from previous round. You are doing it right, this round will have 12 stitch as result.

  1. Combination of two single crochet and one single crochet

On the 12 stitch you have, create 2 single crochet on the first stitch and 1 single crochet on the one. Repeat to all 12 stitch around. This third round will result 18 stitch.

  1. Correspond round four to round six

For round 4, you will have to correspond with the third round using single crochet. Do the same for round 5 and round 6. This stage will result 18 stitch.

  1. Half Point

At this spot, you will half of the sphere. From this on, you should be able to continue the rest by doing the same steps previously in reverse.

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