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Let’s discuss the sewing stitches by hand. Well, sewing may be identical to women’s work, and maybe there are some who / there are still people who can’t or are still bad about sewing.

Today, humans are required to be able to do everything. Therefore, here I have some hand sewing techniques that might be easily learned for all of you who want to learn sewing.

The Technique of Footprint

Basically, this stitching technique is done in the same way as basting stitch stitches on a sewing machine, but with a 1/16-inch distance even for 1/8-inch stitches.

Sewing is good to do using a sewing machine, but these stitches can also unite the fabric we want to sew.

(this seam model may be suitable for sewing torn pants)

The Technique of Backstitch

This stitching technique is generally used for heavy fabric type seams (such as levis pants)

The way to sew is starting from the right end,

Insert the needle from the fabric at point 1.

Insert the needle and go down through the cloth at point 2.

Bring the needle up through the fabric point 3.

Insert the needle and go down through the cloth at point 4.

Repeat until done. . .

The Technique of Overcast Stitch

This technique is used to sew 2 pieces of cloth with a sloping-sloping pattern. Usually, this technique is used to solve or secure the edge of cloth full of threads so that it does not fall out easily.

The Technique of Stitch Slip

This technique is a seam that also does not appear on the good part of the fabric, and is used to sew seam openings, pinch and secure the edges of the fabric that has been trimmed neatly to the main fabric so that the hem (hem) looks neat. This stick is formed through a needle that penetrates perpendicularly across the two parts of the fabric to be combined, with the thread passed in the fold.

Those are the explanations about sewing stitches by hand.

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