Sun. Jul 21st, 2024
Vintage Sewing Patterns 1952 Vintage Sewing Pattern Dress B38 R327 The Vintage Pattern Shop

Having vintage sewing patterns on your clothes might make you a little bit out of the crowd. This is because while the majority of people are making their way to follow the latest trend, you just focused on your own style that is vintage and old-school. there is nothing wrong with that and there are several types of vintage sewing that are still relevant today.

The vintage sewing patterns often time have problems about measurements. This is because the pattern was made back in the past where there are limited measurements and it might be not as relevant as today’s measurement. You have to know the actual body measurements because the commercial clothing size might be changing as time goes on. A great example is that the commercial clothes in the past couldn’t be the same as today’s commercial clothes. Therefore, measuring your body shape as detail as you can is critical to making your desired clothes.

If the measurement is great, then you could use almost any kind of pattern including the vintage sewing patterns. Custom-Suited clothes might cost you more but the result will be more satisfactory because the store’s size might be not good enough when put on your body. The measurement should include almost every part of your body and getting help from your friend might provide you with a better measurement.

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